Proxy Support for Grails

Not a big thing, actually for me it is.

I am always struggling with proxy settings. It requires a lot of different incantations to be done, every program deals with it differently, support for platform settings is flaky, …

Grails deals with this is a way which pleasantly surprised me :

grails add-proxy <name> –host=<hostname> –port=<portno>


grails add-proxy client –host=proxy –port=3128

allows you to create a setting for a proxy and bind it to a name. It also supports username/password.

Switching to the setting involves only

grails set-proxy client

to enable the proxy setting, and

grails clear-proxy

when I get back in a transparent environment.

(for completeness there is a remove-proxy command which is useful to remove those passwords after the need has passed).

I particularly impressed  that this was done in a simple and straightforward without the need fo brain gymnastics trying to remember which arcane curse needs to be put at what location in which file.